Frequently Asked Questions

What's the turn around time for custom lights?

Turn around time varies depending on the amount of products being installed and the services being done. Average turn around time for complete retrofits is roughly 2 weeks from the day the order is placed. Note: Vivid Optics Retrofit does not keep products in inventory. Supplier demand for products and shipping times vary and are not guaranteed.

Where do I ship my light housings to be modified after I place an order?

       Vivid Optics Retrofit

       545 3rd ST #2692

       Monument, CO.

Please include your name and/or order number when shipping. Once shipped, please provide us with tracking information.

Local drop off and pick up is available upon request on an appointment basis only.

Do retrofitted lights on this website include new housings?

Vivid Optics Retrofit does not include new light housings into the price of any of its custom retrofitted lights. Normally we will modify your current light housings. If your current set is damaged or you would like a brand new set, we can supply new housings at an additional cost.


Does Vivid Optics Retrofit remove & install on the vehicle?

Unfortunately we do not offer light housing removal, light housing installation, or storage for any vehicle. Vivid Optics Retrofit strictly works on light housings themselves. For installation help, please refer to our help tab for wiring diagrams or feel free to contact us directly.


Do these products have a warranty?

Yes, all of the products we use are under a manufacturers warranty. Warranty coverage can extend up to 5 years but varies depending on the product. 


Are custom headlights and tail lights legal?

Legality of light functions and specifications vary depending on location. Please review your local laws to ensure you are in compliance. Color changing and color flow accessories excluding demon eyes come with an amber turn signal and white running light. Use color changing and color flow functionality at your own discretion.


Can Vivid Optics Retrofit install products I already have?

Yes, we would be happy to help with installing products you supply. Note: Vivid Optics Retrofit is not responsible for any defects, damages, warranty issues, or anything else associated with the products you supply. 


How Do I Order?

Review our product options to get an idea of what modifications you would like done.

Fill out and submit the quote sheet under the custom designs tab on our home page.

Wait for feedback from us to ensure all of your product choices are compatible with your vehicle.

Pay the invoice sent to you to get the build process started.

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Forms of Payment

(Payable to @VividOpticsRetrofit)

  • Cash-app Transfer


(Transfer fees MUST be paid on the customers side of the transaction for any Paypal or Venmo payments)​