Restoration & Repair

  • Lens Restoration

    Make lenses look new again and increase light output by restoring the lenses on your lights.

  • Repair

    On certain occasions we will repair lights for customers if there is an issue with a part that can not be replaced.

    Note: This service is not guaranteed and we reserve the right to refuse repair depending on the situation and product being repaired.

  • Housing Reseal

    Why would I need this?

    • Eliminates any debris and condensation from inside the headlight housings
    • Prevention from any future condensation, dust, or debris inside the headlight housings
  • Lens Restoration

    What does it do?

    • Eliminates yellow haze
    • Reduce any surface scratches on your lenses

    How does it help?

    • Reduction of light glare
    • Higher light output for visibility
    • Higher clarity to see inside components of retrofitted lights