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XKGlow XKChrome RGB LED Bulbs

XKGlow XKChrome RGB LED Bulbs

Pricing for HID systems vary depending on options chosen, please fill out the quote form and specify which options you'd like.

Bulb Temperature: 


Available Bulb Sizes:

H4, 880, 9004, 9005/HB3, 9006/HB4, 9007, H1, H11, H13, H16, H3, H7




2 Years

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Note: Legality varies based on location. Please review local laws and regulations to ensure this product is in compliance.

Note: Price does Not include installation, taxes, or shipping. Price listed is the product price only.

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  • What is an LED conversion?

    LED bulbs are a plug-and-play solution that deliver an exceptionally higher light output while pulling less power than standard halogen bulbs. They are also designed to have an exponentially longer lifespan.

  • Are these road legal?

    Legality varies depending on location. Please review your locals laws and regulations to confirm legality.

    Note: Vivid Optics Retrofit is NOT responsible for any violations or fines incurred that involve any product supplied by us.