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Sequential Switchback Light Strips

Sequential Switchback Light Strips

These Light Strips have a bright white daytime running light that stands out whether it's day or night! Sequential amber turn signal is integrated into these strips to add some style. When activated, the strips will flow across with an amber sequence for turn signal.


3 Years

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  • What is a Light Strip?

    A light strip is a string of LEDs that can be mounted inside a headlight or tail light housing. Choose your desired strip style, length, and mounting position.

  • How long do LED light strips last?

    Halos have an almost infinite lifespan of 50,000 hours. That's almost 6 straight years!

  • Are these road legal?

    Legality varies depending on location. Please review your locals laws and regulations to confirm legality.

    Note: Vivid Optics Retrofit is NOT responsible for any violations or fines incurred that involve any product supplied by us.