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Apollo 2.0

Apollo 2.0

Polycarbonate shrouds that surround projectors and allow circular halos to be installed behind them to illuminate a design through the shroud.

Standard finish is chrome but can be painted any color. 

Only circular halos may be installed behind projectors. Any shape halo can be installed on top of shrouds if wanted.

Note: Price does Not include installation, taxes, or shipping. Price listed is the product price only.

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  • Backlit Halos

    Halos mounted inside the projector shroud to add a bit of flare.

    LED Styles Available:


    -Color Changing

    -Color Flow

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  • Halos

    Halos mounted on top of the projector shroud to add some extra style.

    LED Halo shapes Available:

    - Circular (any LED style)

    - Hexagonal (Color changing only)

    - X (Color changing only)

    - Heart (Color changing only)

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  • Painted Shrouds

    Projector shrouds come with a chrome finish but can be painted any color you'd prefer.

  • What is a shroud?

    A shroud is the plastic casing surrounding a projector.

  • What are shrouds made of?

    High temp resistant polycarbonate and sometimes paired with an acrylic insert.

  • How do I know what shrouds will work with my projectors?

    Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist with any compatibility questions you may have.

  • Are these road legal?

    Legality varies depending on location. Please review your locals laws and regulations to confirm legality.

    Note: Vivid Optics Retrofit is NOT responsible for any violations or fines incurred that involve any product supplied by us.