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Polycarbonate shrouds that surround projectors. Standard finish is chrome but can be painted any color. 

Note: Any shape halo can be installed on top of shrouds if wanted.

Note: Price does Not include installation, taxes, or shipping. Price listed is the product price only.

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  • Halos

    Halos mounted on top of the projector shroud to add some extra style.

    LED Halo shapes Available:

    - Circular (any LED style)

    - Hexagonal (Color changing only)

    - X (Color changing only)

    - Heart (Color changing only)

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  • Painted Shrouds

    Projector shrouds come with a chrome finish but can be painted any color you'd prefer.

  • What is a shroud?

    A shroud is the plastic casing surrounding a projector.

  • What are shrouds made of?

    High temp resistant polycarbonate and sometimes paired with an acrylic insert.

  • How do I know what shrouds will work with my projectors?

    Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist with any compatibility questions you may have.

  • Are these road legal?

    Legality varies depending on location. Please review your locals laws and regulations to confirm legality.

    Note: Vivid Optics Retrofit is NOT responsible for any violations or fines incurred that involve any product supplied by us.